About Rosemont Hall

Set in a beautiful Art Deco building in the thriving heart of Prospect, Rosemont Hall is the perfect spot for friendly lunches, fun times and casual get togethers.

Outside, come for a fresh juice and a healthy Asian salad, while the kids play in the plush laneway and garden. Then stay for dinner in our beautiful restaurant and get transported to 1920’s Hong Kong.

When it comes to food, there is plenty to choose from- whether it’s a meat platter from Mr Chan or a selection of delicious snacks with a wine in hand. We are all about keeping it casual, but also offer table service for dinner in the main “hall”. Think local seafood, roasted meats, dim sum and stir-fry’s straight from the wok.

Don’t miss this suburban dining destination and home away from home in Adelaide’s beautiful inner-north.



A Cantonese restaurant set within Rosemont hall that combines the best of Hong Kong with touches of nostalgia- think honey chicken and fried ice cream.



Bringing the exotic beaches of Phuket to the heart of Prospect, Sunny’s Shop provide a vibrant, no-fuss spot to eat that is big on fresh flavours delivered with a smile. A memorable time for all the family.


BAR- coffee and liquor   

All the hallmarks of your trusty local, with the added bonus of two Asian eateries to choose from.